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    Hi, I am Becky Paxson, the owner/trainer of Tiponi’s Legacy Dog Training.  After 9 years with Dog Scouts of America, working with my own Rottweilers and three years with a major pet store chain as a lead trainer, I felt it was time to start my own business.  Read More
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    I use a combination of classical and operant conditioning that enables you and your dog to rise to a higher level of understanding.   The same type of training is used in zoos and marine facilities around the world.  I am currently applying the same training techniques to horses. Read More
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  • Behavioral Issues

The majority of behavioral issues occur in the home, creating stress and frustration for the owner.  The process for training is two-fold as the dog begins training for behavior and obedience issues, and the owner learns how to be a leader.   Training in the home can help to identify “triggers” that cause bad behavior.   It also allows the trainer to observe the dynamics of household members (animal & human).

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  • Chase & Corbin
  • Cricket & Maggie
  • Butch

Becky has been so wonderful in training our pups on behavioral issues, basic commands, and training us to be better, consistent owners for them. She is so patient, and you can tell she has a natural affinity for, and love of her job. She is very informative, and answered all our questions. Even ones not pertaining to the training we were doing like, what food items were poisonous to our pets, how to get Corbin to stop eating dog poop (feed all the dogs pineapple pieces, who knew? lol) and a lot of other things.

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I am a Foster Care Coordinator for Southern States Rescued Rottweilers, a non-profit rescue group for whom Becky volunteered over 12 years of her life, and still continues to do so. We adopted a high-energy, young female Rottie named “Cricket” from our organization and she has been a giant blessing and a perfect addition to our family. But, as I said, she is very high-energy and we needed someone to teach US how to keep Cricket satisfied and calm. We also have a 5-year-old Lab-Pit Bull mix Maggie, and three cats in our home, so establishing the dynamics of pack order were of high importance. I didn’t hesitate to call on Becky Paxson to help us get our pack in line.

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Thanks so much, Becky!

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the training! Butch really enjoys it (me, too). Using the clicker works so well. Even with just a couple of times doing the loose leash walking, he has almost entirely stopped pulling. What a nice way to take a walk!

I love your patience and gentle manner and your love of dogs. This is one of the best things I have done in a long while.

If you ever need someone as a reference, especially someone with an older dog, please feel free to pass my name and email on. I will give you a glowing report.


Celia & Butch


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